The Ten Signs that you are a Fascist!

The media and the public at large have become (superficially) fascinated with defining fascism and labeling people at such. This is especially true of the last seven-eight years. The following are the ten signs that you are, without a doubt, an evil fascist who should be shot (or at least put through electroshock therapy).

1) You don’t blame all of Society’s ills on Wall-Street, Big Oil, Big-Pharma, and McDonald’s.

2) You don’t think that employers should be punished via taxation and regulation for making big profits, and consequently bettering the lives of all in society.

3) You don’t think that workers are being exploited so big corporate fat-cats can fly their lavish corporate jets to the Cayman Islands and skydive into a pool of chocolate pudding with their Golden Parachutes.

4) You don’t look at speculation in the markets as some ungodly act from the depths of Hell that has to be checked by the Heavenly presence of Big Government, Bureaucratic oversight.

5) You hold the inconceivable notion that the environment will survive without the sage-like wisdom of the EPA.

6) You’re silly enough to think that the laws created by our wise bureaucrats don’t actually stop corruption or stop the Wall-Street Bankers from pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. Oh the horror that in the light of the 2008 collapse and the Bernie Madoff scandal that people could believe such as this!

7) You don’t think the beloved, enlightened government can handle such tasks as global warming. Of all the nonsense!

8) You don’t feel the patriotic stirrings within you when you see the American Flag or hear the American Anthem.

9) You dare to accuse the government and the military industrial complex of rampant corruption.

10) You hold the fantasy notion that society can possibly function without government at all… I mean sure, It’s happened before, but not today in our civilized, enlightened world of exploiters, big bankers, Wall-Street, Big Oil, and Wal-Mart!


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