The Trayvon Martin Insanity

When I had first heard of the Trayvon Martin case a while back, I did as I always do when I hear of some shooting or stabbing; I shook my head and reflected a bit on the sorry state of our society, that this sort of nonsense occurs constantly. I never attach myself to any of these cases, main reason being that I am not a party to the case in question. It is my adamant opinion that the Trayvon Martin case should’ve never made national headlines; whatever coverage the trial received should’ve been local or state. Why we were blasted with the day-by-day details of the trial in the national media I have yet to figure out, but then again, why were we so fascinated with OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Casey Anthony, etc.?

Such sensational trials do nothing more than crowd the truly important issues out of their appropriate places; the time spent pontificating on the Trayvon Martin case like a pack of raving lunatics is necessarily time that we don’t have to talk about foreign policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc.. I had hoped that eventually the case would drop off of the national radar, but then, I saw it turn into a gigantic racial protest, and I found myself praying, “Please, let this trial hurry up and end so this can of worms can finally be closed.”

But, I should’ve seen that my hope that this sensation would’ve died off after the verdict had been handed down was naïve. Instead, when the NOT GUILTY verdict came down for George Zimmerman, it got worse. The media is having a field day with the news, proclaiming the cause to be racial injustice to anyone who’ll listen. To make the situation even worse, vigilantes are beginning to take the justice they feel Trayvon Martin was deprived of into their own hands, attacking innocent people while screaming, “This is for Trayvon!” Celebrities are even getting into the mix now; celebrities of course who, in their cushy lives, are not parties to the Trayvon Martin and wouldn’t know what justice is if it slapped them in the face. Bill Maher, for instance, had this to say about George Zimmerman getting his gun back, “I say if he gets a gun, Casey Anthony gets a baby.” (The former quotation starts at around 5:00 in the linked video).

I should mention that I am not interested in getting into debates with people over whether or not George Zimmerman is really guilty. In response to the question of whether or not he’s guilty, I will say this; if he is indeed guilty, he will pay for it in the afterlife. I am well aware of the fact that there are many atheists out there who will not accept such an answer and will attempt to say that it’s a cop-out, but quite frankly I don’t care. That is my answer, and I am sticking to it.

But, regardless of whether or not George Zimmerman is guilty, surely this sensation; this vigilante violence and race-stirring is completely unjustified. This does nothing more than drag innocent people into a war that they themselves did not create, and that they themselves do not benefit from, but a war that they will have to fight regardless because pundits and intellectuals are drunk on their power to influence and mold public opinion. They have decided once again to play God with people’s thoughts and emotions; they tell people what to think, how to feel, just to watch their fantasies play out in front of them like a well-rehearsed play. Quite frankly, such power is a sociopath’s wet-dream, and it makes you wonder if these people in the media are actually sane.

There is only one place where you can place the blame for this spectacle of insanity, and that is the media. Everyone in the national media should hang their heads in shame for the absolutely disgraceful manner in which they covered this case, and for the fact that they were so desperate for ratings and for the feeling of playing God with people’s emotions that they covered this case at all.


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  1. I have never agreed more!

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