Creating a Society of Victims

The language and tactics of the self-styled progressives of our age never cease to amaze me; it is utterly repulsive, hypocritical, ignorant, emotionally charged reactionist nonsense littered with Marxist diction, and yet it is embraced by so many people… precisely because it is just that.

John Stossel hosted an interview here recently with two guests, and the topic was grit.

He asks, “Whatever happened to grit?” to which both of his guests reply, “Government happened.” But it goes much deeper than simply the government, and I know of no better example of this than the way we are currently handling the whole “Bullycide” nonsense.

Back when it was a major news story, the “Bullycide victims”, i.e., the people who committed suicide because they were getting bullied at school, were considered to be heroes by many. Please forgive me for not sharing in this view, as I consider those who commit suicide due to being bullied worse than the bullies themselves. Only in a society where the goal is to create as many victims as possible is it politically correct or socially acceptable to make martyrs out of people who killed themselves because they were too weak to put a stop to their bully problems.

CartoonNetwork and Disney Channel have both been running anti-bullying campaigns, and they both have the same message; they denounce direct retaliation and then they tell the victims of bullying (or those who know someone is getting bullied) to “tell an adult.”

In other words, “Please save me Mr. Adult, for I am a victim who’s so weak that I am completely unable to help myself out of this current mess that others have placed me in. If you don’t, I will kill myself and put the school, and you, in the news!”

When I was going to school, you either smacked a bully down with words, or with your fists (usually both). Your parents understood the situation you were in and didn’t fault you for decking the asshole who was constantly giving you trouble, but the school was systematically indifferent to who was justified in hitting who (my schools, Quitman County Middle School and Lafeyette County High School, were anyway). They simply suspended both parties from school with the robotic message, “Fighting will not be tolerated.” Of course, they would ask about what caused the fight, but they only asked as a technicality. Once the details were in, both parties were immediately suspended.

From the time a kid enters into school to the time he gets out of school, he is indoctrinated with the message, “You are a victim. You need other people to help you. You cannot take care of yourself. You cannot do anything without our help.”, and it is no coincidence that the people who have been brainwashed the most by this nonsense are the biggest supporters of racist activists such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.


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