Elysium: A Cesspool of Marxist Propaganda

Hollywood is notorious for pushing films that paint Capitalism and the Free Market as this evil system of exploitation (Alien, Avatar, Titanic, just to name a couple), but this one takes the cake. Since the movie hasn’t been released in theatres yet (It releases August 9, 2013), I took to looking at the trailers to see how much of the plot I could get. What I got however was Marxist nonsense.

Elysium is set in the year 2154, 141 years into the future, and the world is divided between the privileged living up on Elysium, a massive satellite orbiting Earth, and the common people living on Earth. The privileged on Elysium (the 1%) enjoy the highest standard of living possible; no war, no poverty, and no sickness. The trailer shows a woman laying in a body scanner getting her cancer cured at the press of a button to illustrate this point further.

The people on Earth (the 99%) however are treated as slaves, working themselves to the bone for a meager subsistence. From what I can make out from the trailer, they are lined up by robots (who I’m guessing are the police down there?) at the various transportation hubs to be shipped to their place of employment. Matt Damon, the main protagonist of the film, is one such worker.

Matt Damon, unfortunately, is notorious for his political activism. His main claim-to-fame in political activism is when he (quite rightly) slammed then Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin in the 2008 elections.  Since then, he has been involved in all sorts of activist shenanigans, most notably with the Teacher’s Union (his mother is a teacher) and with Occupy Wall-Street. Of course, Occupy is pretty much dead now since all of the details regarding them came out; the rapes at the protests, the total lack of a coherent goal, etc.. I still remember left-wing intellectuals going on news shows and practically drooling over this, as if it were the start of a new ideological revolution.

Anyway, the main protagonist of the film ends up in some accident whereby he will die in five days, and now he must get to Elysium to get the medical treatment he needs. His friend gives him a suit of armor that will let him override the Elysium systems, so that he actually has a shot at getting up there. The movie would’ve been bad enough had they just left it at that, but it gets worse. The character suddenly becomes an icon of hope for everyone (the 99%).

The class-warfare in this film is sickening; the entire film is based around the concept of the masses (the 99%) rising up and violently overthrowing the privileged (the 1%), and it is no surprise to me that Matt Damon, the same one who narrated that awful documentary on the 2008 crash, “Inside Job”, is the main protagonist.

Needless to say I will not be seeing this movie… ever. I will not support Matt Damon, or this Marxist-style class-warfare nonsense that Hollywood insists on shoving down our throats.


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  1. you racist

  2. Essentially ALL films are propaganda. Zero Dark Thirty (fascist), Alien (fascist), Elysium( Marxist), even films like Beauty and the Beast(A tad Marxist)

  3. LOL you didnt even watch the movie–asinine review. Hes not up there to save anyone but himself and a little girl.
    The Avengers is utter shit by the way, Im glad you enjoy empty absurd children’s flms though.

    • “LOL you didnt even watch the movie–asinine review.”

      And considering the main point of the review was to point out the outright Marxist nonsense that this film is pushing, your comment is hopelessly asinine. As for your idea that The Avengers is utter shit, I suggest you go get some taste. The Avengers is one of the best movies to come out thus far (and if it is shit, that doesn’t say much about the other movies that have come out before or since then).

  4. Its not that Hollywood pushes some leftist propaganda. Marxist sentiments sell their products. Apparently.

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