My Last Rebuttal (for now) to MarxistMax

It never ceases to amaze me how the average person argues when he talks about economics. His personal “presentation”, as it were, on economics almost always leads him to argue in favor of Republicanism or the Democratic Party. It is as if he can’t present his own personal position without mentioning a political party, and thus, we now have the groundwork for the first point that I absolutely must make in response to MarxistMax.

Quote from MarxistMax: “For a right-winger, this is hugely hypocritical.

This is going to come as a massive shock to both MarxistMax and other readers alike, but I am not a right-winger. Far from it. I am a staunch Liberal, and by Liberal I mean the old (true) definition of the word Liberal (some refer to it as “Classical Liberalism”, but I despise the adjective CLASSICAL). So far as politics goes, the closest that any politician has come to representing me is Ron Paul, but his Jeffersonianism displaces me as a supporter.

The point of this is simple enough; I don’t argue from the perspective of politics, I argue from the perspective of economics, and I don’t, as you charge, reject common sense.

Quote from MarxistMax: This guy, who from now on I’ll call ‘ken’, is staunchly capitalist, and favours market forces over common sense.

On the contrary, it is on the basis of common sense that I make my arguments.

Quote from MarxistMax: It’s perfectly reasonable for normal people to demand that the government they elected improve their living conditions by whatever way possible, and if that includes job creation then you free marketeers are just going to have to grin and bear it, because government is responsible for all that happens within it borders, economically or otherwise.

It is apparent from this that you don’t understand the very reason(s) people vote in the first place. As Lysander Spooner keenly pointed out, people only vote for one of two reasons; either they vote because they want the government to take money from someone else in order to meet their personal demands (education, healthcare, food stamps, subsidies, etc.), or they vote in order to keep the government from taking their money. If not for these two reasons, then the vast majority of people wouldn’t vote at all, and if you don’t believe me, ask yourself why you vote (if at all). What makes you think that a system like this isn’t going to collapse into civil war at some point, I don’t know.

Now, with regards to people demanding better living conditions, let me put it to you this way; suppose you (MarxistMax) were to just get up and go to a casino with nothing more than the money that’s in your pocket right now. How much of your money (if any) would you spend in gambling? Compare that number to the amount that you would be willing to spend if you had a super-rich friend who said to you, “Don’t worry about it, man! I’ll cover all of your losses.”

When you have a 3rd party subsidizing your expectations, your expectations are going to be far higher than they otherwise would’ve been. This one of the main reasons (the Socialist Calculation Problem is yet another reason) that socialism wastes so much in resources. Aside from the fact that the socialist government can’t calculate the cost of production (I’ll have a link for you on that at the end of this post), the democratic socialist government (which you support, and which happens to be an oxymoron) has to subsidize outrageous expectations with regards to the standard of living.  

The most interesting part about your post is that you say you don’t use violence.

Quote from MarxistMax: “A VERY large difference between me and Stalin, Hitler or any mass-murdering dictator you care to mention is that I DON’T USE VIOLENCE. I can’t believe this even needs to be said! If people don’t like my opinions then they can simply stop reading. I’m not trying to ‘instill all-around regimentation’.

This is the most interesting because your are, contrary to your claims, arguing for all around regimentation. The problem is that you don’t realize it. In your past post, you argued that the government should completely nationalize (people with guns should come in and take private property) the energy industry, and oversee the production and consumption of energy. But people aren’t going to simply go along with this new direction simply because the government passed some law, and the second that there is resistance to the new law, your (MarxistMax) energy policy will become thus:

“The government is going to produce energy from now on; no one else can produce energy but the government. We’re going to produce energy whether you like it or not. If you try to produce your own energy, we’re going to fine, arrest, or kill you (coercion). You will consume energy in the exact amount and manner we tell you; if you stray from our statutes, we will fine, arrest, or kill you (more coercion). If you try to sell the energy we give you to someone else, we will fine, arrest, or kill you (even more coercion).”

The above is, admit it or not, the system that you are advocating; this is what it looks like, and while you may not personally use violence to achieve your ends, you appoint others (the bureaucrats in government) to use violence in your stead. It is no coincidence that in the history of mankind, the most blood was spilled, and the most poverty was caused, by people who had good intentions. In their speeches before they got into power, they talked about helping others, caring for the needy, they denounced the greed of a few, etc., and yet the most horrendous social atrocities were committed by “humanitarian” regimes. Now you might respond that the likes of Hitler, Mao, or Stalin weren’t actually humanitarian, and if that is indeed your response, my response to that is this, “The humanitarian in theory is the terrorist in action.”

The last point I will respond to is this.

Quote from MarxistMax:  That taxpayers money will make much more of an impact when rolled into one than if spent on sweeties and magazines by a thousand separate civilians. It is important to get civilians spending, but the government can do more with that money than civilians can.

The very big fallacious assumption built into this quote is the existence of objective value, and that government, who’s bureaucrats and politicians (assuming democracy) are picked by the same people who’re supposedly too stupid to know what’s good for them (yet another assumption built into the above quote), somehow know which direction that humanity need to invest its resources. Forgive me if I believe that this is hopelessly absurd.

On that note, here is that video I promised you. And since you believe in Objective Value, I’ll throw in one more video for you.


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  1. Isn’t economic sanity a contradiction in terms?

  2. To be honest, this has gone on for months and months now, and frankly I’m begging to tire of the two-and-fro of these arguments. To that end, I’m not responding to this, and I’m going to concede victory to you.

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