This is My Farewell Address

I’ve had a lot of projects going on in my head here lately. I had an analysis of the movie A Time to Kill (1996) planned out, I had a critique of the latest bit of nonsense from MarxistMax all drawn out and ready to go, but in this time period, I’ve come to realize something; hardly anyone cares.

My interest in economics (and initially politics) has sharply isolated me throughout the years, and to show you how badly this has happened, let me tell you a true story:

When I wrote my book, “The Little Book of Economic Myths and Fallacies”, I wrote it with the full knowledge that it would never sell a single copy; in fact I lost money when I wrote it because I was handing out free copies at my personal expense. The reason I wrote it was simple; I’ve had so many people tell me over the years that I don’t try to connect with people, that it’s not healthy to be so anti-social, so I decided to write this book to show these people how I think, how I perceive the world, etc.. It was an attempt at reaching out, so to speak.

Who were the main recipients of these free copies that I handed out at my personal expense? Immediate family members and a select few friends, basically the same people telling me all of this other nonsense. Despite their boasts of how proud they were that I had written a book, not only could they not be bothered to buy a copy themselves, they couldn’t even be bothered to make a genuine effort at reading it. In fact my father, who boasted that I am the only one in the entire family tree to ever write and publish a book, told me point blank, in no uncertain terms, “Son, no one cares about this stuff.” Negative criticism I can deal with, but no criticism at all?

I later realized that my studies in economics has caused me to see the world in a different light from everyone else; it has enabled me to interpret with a kind of clarity that very few people have, even amongst the elderly. But then I find out that hardly anyone cares about economics. You have to understand my frustration, which some of you no doubt will find to be unbelievably childish. People are just so satisfied watching television, forming their own little misinformed opinions that they just don’t care about economics, or anything that clashes with this initial perception of reality for that matter.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of all of it. I’m sick of reading about economics, I’m sick of trying to deal with these people that just don’t give a rat’s ass, I’m just all-around tired, and to that end, this is my farewell address. I will not be making anymore posts, nor will I be making any further attempts at interacting with people on this basis. All of my videos on YouTube of me talking about this stuff will be taken down, and I’m not going to focus on anything besides monotonous, irrelevant BS, like video games.


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  1. God that was depressing. Just reading it made me want to kill myself. The point is, you can’t give up your life’s work, something that enthuses and interests you just because other people say it’s boring. I rarely agree with you, but you are still an excellent writer, and you shouldn’t let that go so easily.

  2. Agreed. You seem to think that no one cares or reads this, and I’m having the same struggles with my blog: Haven’t written anything there in a month, but reality is different. Maybe people don’t care, but you only need 1% to care. And 1% DOES care. It doesn’t matter who it is, and you can’t change your family members. All you can do is decide what you’re interested in and share your gift with the world.

    And you’ve GOT to be good if your “worst enemy”( just a joke Mr. Max) is encouraging you to continue.

  3. I just wanted you to know that I’ve always been interesting in Economics and have started reading several of your posts now that I’m in a Macroeconomics class. I had no idea that you wrote a book and I would love to purchase a copy of it!
    Please keep writing posts and let me know about your book. I really enjoy what you do 🙂

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