The Fetish for Business Experience

A common misconception about the economy is that we need politicians who have business experience. The thought goes something like this; “These ivy-league politicians are nothing more than failed academics who don’t know anything about business or what creates jobs. We need political leaders who were involved in successful small/big business; they have the experience we need so desperately right now. Because they’ve built and run businesses, they know how to create jobs we need to get our economy back on track. It is all about jobs, jobs, jobs!!”

So, what are the virtues that this experience brings to the table?

They know not to spend more money than they take in!”

And so does anyone who’s ever successfully managed a household budget.

They know how to create jobs!”

So they know that a combination of savings and investment creates jobs? That’s not a very big leap that it takes years of experience in the business world to make. If you truly believe that they can create jobs as politicians, I have a story to tell you called, “What is Seen and What is Unseen.” Also, the entire mantra of “Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!” ignores the entire Structure of Production.

They know how to make the compromises that the country needs!” 

So they know how to make shady backroom deals with big finance fat-cats in order to make the statistics look as though things are getting better come election time?

This is what the heavily touted BUSINESS EXPERIENCE amounts to; the politician in question knows how to maneuver his way around Wall-Street and the big banks in order to make shady deals that are paid for by everyone else.

The greatest virtue a politician can have? No experience.


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