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Don’t you feel like the Joker sometimes?

I don’t go to McDonalds that often (usually opting to go to Sonic or Taco Bell if on the rare occasion I’m going out to eat fast food), but when I do go to McDonalds, they far more often than not get my order wrong. My order could be something simple, like, “Two McChickens and a Coke.” When they had me my order however, they’ll hand me a Big Mac or a double quarter pounder with a sprite or some other weird combination… now of course, I’m not dumb enough to go to McDonalds when they’re slammed at lunch time, but it makes me seriously wonder that if they can’t even get a simple order right when business is relatively slow, how do they fare when they’re slammed at the peak of lunch?

But then again, Drive-Thrus are notorious for getting the orders wrong. So whenever I get a order from McDonalds and it’s demonstrably wrong, especially when the drive-thru is working at a relatively slow pace, I am reminded of this antic by the Joker. To be perfectly honest, as many times as drive-thru gets their customer’s orders wrong, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened.