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The Government’s Latest Assault on Workers

The government never grows tired of making people’s lives harder than they otherwise need to be, and if the every day struggles of paying the bills and putting food on the table weren’t hard enough, the government, through the wisdom of our enlightened bureaucrats decides that life must be harder on all of us. You would think people would get tired of this, eventually. You would think that workers would eventually rise up in revolution against these malicious attacks, but they cheer it on.

What is this latest assault on workers that I speak of? I’m speaking of course with regards to the government’s recent crackdown on companies hiring illegal immigrants. According to the Wall Street Journal (9/13/13) under the heading, “New Hunt for Illegal Workers”:

The U.S. government has launched a fresh crackdown on employers suspected of hiring illegal immigrants by notifying about 1,000 business across the country in recent weeks they must submit documents for audits. The so-called “silent raids” are the largest since July 2009, according to immigration attorneys, and weren’t publically disclosed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that conducts such inspections.”

In other words, the government is going to force no less than 1,000 different businesses across the country, businesses that are working peaceably and are producing goods/services of value, to go through the pain (and expense) of preparing special documents for audits, in order to target a given group of workers who are doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Those who are more emotional are quick to scream in response, “THEY’RE ILLEGAL!!”, illegal by what standard? “They didn’t go through the immigration process!!” Good for them. The immigration process is, in fact, nothing more than useless paperwork. It proves nothing, it contributes to nothing. It is nothing more than an added cost that the public must pay for, and the cost comes in more than just the cost of paying bureaucrats to process all the paperwork. As Ludwig von Mises keenly pointed out, “There cannot be the slightest doubt that migration barriers diminish the productivity of human labor.”

The reason this is so is obvious; migration barriers hamper the division of labor by diminishing the capacity for labor to go from one area to another.

Thanks to our campaign of Nationalism, so-called “illegal” immigrants are denounced as lazy asshats with a bloated sense of self-entitlement, who pollute our communities with drugs, and rob/kill the otherwise natural citizens. This characterization of undocumented workers is entirely unjustified, and has no factual basis for it in the least, but that won’t stop the die-hard Nationalists from believing in it. Many people denounce this as racist, but this isn’t racist in the least; denouncing all Mexicans as the above would be racist, but you can plainly see that isn’t what’s happening here.

To make matters worse, the die-hard Nationalists consistently try to use economics to justify this nonsense. They try to saw for instance that “illegal” immigrants are taking our jobs. A quick glance at the immigration and job situation thoroughly discredits this idea.

They try to say that “illegal” immigrants are expensive to the tax payer because the tax payer has to bear the costs of healthcare, education, and other benefits that I… just don’t feel like listing. This statement on its own is fair enough, but in reality they are no more expensive that the other people being covered. If the government wasn’t offering these free services in the first place, would the undocumented still be expensive to the tax payer? Of course not, because then the individual would then be paying for his own healthcare, education, etc.. If anything, the undocumented are really doing you a favor; they are highlighting the absurdity of offering these free programs in the first place.

They try to say that “illegals” are bringing in diseases that we had previously wiped out or just weren’t here to begin with. They say that this is so because “illegal” immigrants don’t go through the health screening that “legal” immigrants go through. To thoroughly discredit this idea, you need only ask yourself, “How do you collect evidence for this claim when “illegals” rarely go to hospitals and are rarely caught by the government?” For more information on this, click here to be taken to a page hopelessly destroying the Nationalist (or Nativist if you prefer) myths on immigration.

I just can’t help but wonder when the people at large are going to get sick and tired of the constant lying, the slandering, the pandering to emotions, etc., etc.. For what immigration is supposed to look like, I refer you to some of the finer work that Milton Friedman has done.



Creating a Society of Victims

The language and tactics of the self-styled progressives of our age never cease to amaze me; it is utterly repulsive, hypocritical, ignorant, emotionally charged reactionist nonsense littered with Marxist diction, and yet it is embraced by so many people… precisely because it is just that.

John Stossel hosted an interview here recently with two guests, and the topic was grit.

He asks, “Whatever happened to grit?” to which both of his guests reply, “Government happened.” But it goes much deeper than simply the government, and I know of no better example of this than the way we are currently handling the whole “Bullycide” nonsense.

Back when it was a major news story, the “Bullycide victims”, i.e., the people who committed suicide because they were getting bullied at school, were considered to be heroes by many. Please forgive me for not sharing in this view, as I consider those who commit suicide due to being bullied worse than the bullies themselves. Only in a society where the goal is to create as many victims as possible is it politically correct or socially acceptable to make martyrs out of people who killed themselves because they were too weak to put a stop to their bully problems.

CartoonNetwork and Disney Channel have both been running anti-bullying campaigns, and they both have the same message; they denounce direct retaliation and then they tell the victims of bullying (or those who know someone is getting bullied) to “tell an adult.”

In other words, “Please save me Mr. Adult, for I am a victim who’s so weak that I am completely unable to help myself out of this current mess that others have placed me in. If you don’t, I will kill myself and put the school, and you, in the news!”

When I was going to school, you either smacked a bully down with words, or with your fists (usually both). Your parents understood the situation you were in and didn’t fault you for decking the asshole who was constantly giving you trouble, but the school was systematically indifferent to who was justified in hitting who (my schools, Quitman County Middle School and Lafeyette County High School, were anyway). They simply suspended both parties from school with the robotic message, “Fighting will not be tolerated.” Of course, they would ask about what caused the fight, but they only asked as a technicality. Once the details were in, both parties were immediately suspended.

From the time a kid enters into school to the time he gets out of school, he is indoctrinated with the message, “You are a victim. You need other people to help you. You cannot take care of yourself. You cannot do anything without our help.”, and it is no coincidence that the people who have been brainwashed the most by this nonsense are the biggest supporters of racist activists such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The Trayvon Martin Insanity

When I had first heard of the Trayvon Martin case a while back, I did as I always do when I hear of some shooting or stabbing; I shook my head and reflected a bit on the sorry state of our society, that this sort of nonsense occurs constantly. I never attach myself to any of these cases, main reason being that I am not a party to the case in question. It is my adamant opinion that the Trayvon Martin case should’ve never made national headlines; whatever coverage the trial received should’ve been local or state. Why we were blasted with the day-by-day details of the trial in the national media I have yet to figure out, but then again, why were we so fascinated with OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Casey Anthony, etc.?

Such sensational trials do nothing more than crowd the truly important issues out of their appropriate places; the time spent pontificating on the Trayvon Martin case like a pack of raving lunatics is necessarily time that we don’t have to talk about foreign policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc.. I had hoped that eventually the case would drop off of the national radar, but then, I saw it turn into a gigantic racial protest, and I found myself praying, “Please, let this trial hurry up and end so this can of worms can finally be closed.”

But, I should’ve seen that my hope that this sensation would’ve died off after the verdict had been handed down was naïve. Instead, when the NOT GUILTY verdict came down for George Zimmerman, it got worse. The media is having a field day with the news, proclaiming the cause to be racial injustice to anyone who’ll listen. To make the situation even worse, vigilantes are beginning to take the justice they feel Trayvon Martin was deprived of into their own hands, attacking innocent people while screaming, “This is for Trayvon!” Celebrities are even getting into the mix now; celebrities of course who, in their cushy lives, are not parties to the Trayvon Martin and wouldn’t know what justice is if it slapped them in the face. Bill Maher, for instance, had this to say about George Zimmerman getting his gun back, “I say if he gets a gun, Casey Anthony gets a baby.” (The former quotation starts at around 5:00 in the linked video).

I should mention that I am not interested in getting into debates with people over whether or not George Zimmerman is really guilty. In response to the question of whether or not he’s guilty, I will say this; if he is indeed guilty, he will pay for it in the afterlife. I am well aware of the fact that there are many atheists out there who will not accept such an answer and will attempt to say that it’s a cop-out, but quite frankly I don’t care. That is my answer, and I am sticking to it.

But, regardless of whether or not George Zimmerman is guilty, surely this sensation; this vigilante violence and race-stirring is completely unjustified. This does nothing more than drag innocent people into a war that they themselves did not create, and that they themselves do not benefit from, but a war that they will have to fight regardless because pundits and intellectuals are drunk on their power to influence and mold public opinion. They have decided once again to play God with people’s thoughts and emotions; they tell people what to think, how to feel, just to watch their fantasies play out in front of them like a well-rehearsed play. Quite frankly, such power is a sociopath’s wet-dream, and it makes you wonder if these people in the media are actually sane.

There is only one place where you can place the blame for this spectacle of insanity, and that is the media. Everyone in the national media should hang their heads in shame for the absolutely disgraceful manner in which they covered this case, and for the fact that they were so desperate for ratings and for the feeling of playing God with people’s emotions that they covered this case at all.